12+6 Workout Routine

The holidays are almost here and that means only one thing. No time to do anything and lots of food. And we mean lots. But that doesn’t mean that you will have to replace your six pack with something which looks like you ate the whole turkey by yourself. How should I manage this madness you might ask? Well. We have the answer for you. Be extra efficient with your time in the gym and have rock solid workout routine.

We’ve created this high-intensity workout routine circuit to destroy your fat and build muscles so you don’t have to count calorie during the holidays.

This will allow you to burn fat, forge your muscles and have plenty of time left to do all the shopping you need.

Workout Routine

The 12-6 Minutes work out Part 1:

 Set a timer for 12 minutes, and complete as many rounds as possible.

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press:
Reps. 8 Rest. 0

Reps. 10 Rest. 0

Kettlebell Snatch
Reps. 5 ( Each Side ) Rest. 0

Kettlebell Swing
Reps. 8 ( Each Arm ) Rest. 0

Supine TRX Row
Reps. 10 Rest. 0

The 12-6 Minutes work out Part 2:

6 Minute AMRAP ( As Many Reps As Possible )12-6 MINUTE WORKOUT.

Hang Clean
Reps. 10 Rest. 0

Romanian Dead Lift
Reps. 10 Rest. 0

Bent-over Row
Reps. 10 Rest. 0

Barbell Overhead Press
Reps. 10 Rest. 0

Back Squat
Reps. 10 Rest. 0

If you’d like some time tips on how to easily and quickly prepare healthy breakfasts – just click here. and enjoy!


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